Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bank of America - Wikileaks Next Target?

Is Wikileaks taking aim at Bank of America?  It sure looks that way.  On Nov. 29, WikiLeaks director, the now infamous Julian Assange, announced that he was ready to “take down” a major American bank and reveal an “ecosystem of corruption” with a cache of data from an executive’s hard drive.  Assange plans on releasing the information sometime early this year.  Though never specifically naming B. of A., a year earlier Assange disclosed that Wikileaks had obtained the hard drive of a Bank of America executive containing five gigabytes of data (equal to approximately 200,000 pages of text) and was evaluating how to present it.

Since the Nov. 29th statement, Bank of America has been conducting extensive internal audits to determine what Assange might have on them.  B. of A. claims that to date, their internal audit has revealed no evidence that Assange might have one of their hard drives.  They've made no comment on what else their audit has or has not discovered. 

Stay tuned...

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