Monday, August 9, 2010

The National Notary Signing Agent Network

There are several states that use notary networks as a way to promote each other and connect with other qualified, experienced notary signing agents. Here in Michigan, Renee Kovacs and I started the Michigan Notary Network for that purpose. As we've progressed, we've worked with some of these other state networks and discussed trying to create a national presence and a uniform set of standards for notary network members to follow. We're all looking to align with the best of the best across the U.S. To that goal, we've just created the National NSA Network, which includes state networks from Michigan, California, Florida, Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin.


Unknown said...

Thanks for working so hard for all of us in the Network, Alex - ultimately for our entire industry. I also appreciate your Blog as it speaks so well for those of us who are truly dedicated to our field. You give us a 'voice' and a personality that I think we really need. I love my work (and I know you do, too) and you always find some interesting bit of news or knowledge to add to the pot.

Alex Y. said...

Thanks Renee. I do love my work and I love making whatever small contribution I can to the field.

Unknown said...

I couldnt agree with Renee more as aCharlotte Mobile Notary it is hard to be sucessful without some solid pointers and a client base.