Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Searching For A Notary Public

I typically get several calls a week from someone looking for a mobile notary public outside of my usual travel area. I always direct them to a notary listing site to find a mobile notary that's closest to their location. There are several notary listing sites that I like which allow a person to search for a mobile notary public in their area, including Notary Rotary and 123 Notary. For ease and accuracy, I usually refer people to Go Get Notary. Now, here's my disclaimer: I am a member of the Go Get Notary National Advisory Board, so directing people to that site doesn't hurt. But I truly believe it's a great place to search for a mobile notary public. For one, the zip code search (which I think is the easiest and most accurate way to search) comes up right on top of the home page so it's easy to find. More importantly, the results accurately reflect which mobile notaries are closest and not which notaries paid for a higher ranking.

So if you need to refer a caller to a listing site to find a mobile notary public, I highly recommend Go Get Notary.

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