Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Listing Your Notary Service on Craigslist

I recently added a listing for my notary signing service on a free site called Thumbtack.  One of the things that Thumbtack offers is that they'll post your listing on Craigslist with a few clicks of your mouse, then send you a reminder every six weeks or so to re-post.

Here's what I've found: I haven't gotten any leads or any business from Craigslist for mortgage closings, but I've gotten several jobs and inquiries for general notary work.  The down side: despite the fact that I specifically state that I do NOT wish to be solicited by other businesses, I receive several emails a week to visit this site, or join this service, or list your business here.  You know the ones.  Emails that try to sound like they're from someone that knows you, "Hey friend, you should check this out!" and written by someone who's first language is clearly not English, "It is of this offer I am to share with you something important."  Ugh.

So if you want more general notary work, Craigslist may work for you.  If you don't mind the spam.  Me?  I'm going to pass from now on.  

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