Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grow Your Notary Business By Networking

The American Association of Notaries just came out with their May newsletter.  The main topic is something that's near and dear to my heart - Notary Signing Agent Networks.  The AAN newsletter talks about the advantages of networking with other quality notary signing agents in your state to share leads and marketing.  If you're looking to grow your notary signing agent business, this is a must read.  If you can't access the AAN article here, you may need to sign up here (it's free).  Or email me at and I'll be glad to forward the article to you.   

Here in Michigan, the Michigan Notary Network has had a great deal of success with the model described in the AAN article.  We've all benefited from sharing leads with each other as well as marketing each other to our clients.  Our title and mortgage companies appreciate knowing that they can rely on the quality and experience of other notary signing agents in our Michigan network.     

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