Thursday, July 17, 2008

Michigan Notary Network Requirements

Michigan Notary Network As we continue to put things in place for the Michigan Notary Network, there's been a lot of thought about membership requirements and professional conduct. How do we distinguish ourselves as the cream of the crop? Here's some of the criteria for membership in the Michigan Notary Network. But whether or not you're a member of any network or aspire to be part of a network, shouldn't every signing agent be following many of these protocols?

I provide clear and accurate loan document presentations
I guarantee the accuracy of my services 100%
I strive for same-day return shipping of loan packages
I value my profession
I understand and uphold the GLBA, the Privacy Act, and proper business ethics (which includes absolutely NO marketing of other products or services to borrowers at any time)
I have the appropriate hardware and software needed, and the skill to use them
I am completely familiar with the Michigan Notary Public Act
I know when to ask a question and whom to ask
I have been awarded at least one industry Loan Signing Certification
I have a current and verifiable Background Check
I have a minimum of two years NSA experience and 500 loan signed
I will submit two Letters of Recommendation
I will participate in either a live or phone interview

The Word document for Membership Rules and Requirements has been temporarily posted here:

Once again, If you are a Michigan Notary and feel that you truly are "the best of the best," you can contact me at or Renee Kovacs at

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