Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Where Should You List Your Notary Services?

It seems that we're bombarded on a daily basis by listing companies, websites, and advertisers who want our money to list our notary services with them. They all claim to be different, they all claim that they're the premiere notary site, they all claim that they'll attract business. How do you know what to believe? Most signing agents agree that the top sites to list your notary services generally include, Notary Rotary, 123Notary, GoMobileNotary, and GoGetNotary. Other than that, list yourself on any free sites you can find.

As far as the other gazillion places that want you to pay to list with them, it's important to do your due diligence. First of all, check to see how well they do in Google and other search engines. If you search for terms like "signing agent" or "mobile notary" and their listing doesn't come up on the first few pages, then who's really finding them anyway? In addition, I have the Google Toolbar with Pagerank installed on my Internet Explorer browser. Pagerank measures the relative importance of a site from zero to ten, so a zero or one Pagerank probably doesn't bode well for the visibility of a listing site. I also have the Alexa Toolbar on my Firefox browser. Alexa provides statistics on a site's popularity. Although Alexa stats aren't exact and can sometimes be manipulated, it can still help give you an overall view of a site's usefulness.

For more information on the various directories including a list of some free directories, GoGetNotary has an excellent article.


Brenda Stone said...

Very good advice about sites to list your services on.

Unknown said...

With today's market being what it is I have found that even though I pay for top listing on the all the sites mentioned I am still not getting the calls. My business has felt the slow down but not to the same extent of others these days. I find that my best clients are the ones I've been working with for years, they trust me and I trust them. Paying for a listing is almost to the point of not making sense.

juk'ste-pozer said...

It's an easy enough question to put to any new client, and that takes away a lot of guesswork as to where to put your advertising money.

"Where did you find me?" AND "What lists do you use?"