Monday, February 20, 2012

BBB - Top 10 Scams

The Better Business Bureau lists the top 10 scams for 2011:

Top Job Scam - Online applications that ask for your information.

Top Sweepstakes and Lottery Scam - Requiring you to SEND money first in order to receive your money.

Top Social Media/Dating Scam - Videos that look like they come from a friend may actually be viruses.

Top Home Improvement Scam - They knock on your door and offer an instant deal.

Top Check Cashing Scam - Someone purchases an item from you online, sends you too much, and asks you to deposit the funds and wire them back the difference.

Top Phishing Scam - Email or phone call claiming to be from The National Automated Clearing House Association asking for banking information.

Top Identity Theft Scam -You're staying at a hotel.  The phone rings in the middle of the night.  The caller claims to be from the front desk, says their computer crashed or that they need to verify your credit card number.  Only they're not really from the hotel.

Top Financial Scam - Debt assistance companies that ask for money up front.

Top Sales Scam - Penny Auctions

Scam of the Year - The BBB Phishing scam!!  Emails that pretend to be from the BBB, asking for information about you or your business.  Oh the irony.


Brenda Stone said...

Your blog is always a great way to "take 5" in my day.

Alex Y. said...

I wish I could post more often. I want to post more often. I WILL post more often.