Thursday, July 28, 2011

Online Notarizations Take Another Hit

The State of New Jersey just released a statement regarding the practice of notarizing signatures online via a webcam.  Though many states (not Michigan) have issued statements prohibiting the use of webcams as a means of identifying a signer and notarizing a signature, the New Jersey statement is significant since the one company that claims to offer this service, Notary Now, is based in New Jersey.  Due to concerns over security and fraud issues, the notary community has been singularly united against the use of webcams for the purpose of notarizations.

The statement reads as follows:

The Division of Revenue requested legal guidance concerning the practice of online notarization services utilizing a webcam or other video in lieu of a personal appearance in front of a valid New Jersey Notary. It has been determined that New Jersey’s statutes do not allow for this type of notarization.


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