Friday, May 13, 2011

New Security Features For Michigan Driver's License

If you've renewed your Michigan driver's license or Michigan state I.D. in the last month, you've noticed some changes.  In addition to a new look, Michigan I.D.s now feature several added security measures to help prevent fraud and tampering.  New features include:

  • The state's Great Seal on the front viewable under black light.
  • Tricolor image of a bridge on the front that appears and disappears when viewed from different angles.
  • New two-dimensional bar code on the back with encoded information available for law enforcement use, in addition to the existing magnetic stripe and one-dimensional bar code.
  • Card-holder's photo and date of birth also on the back viewable under black light.
  • Laser-perforated word "MICH" on it.
Old I.D.s will be replaced as they come up for renewal.  This is the first update to the Michigan I.D. since 2003.  

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