Friday, March 4, 2011

Business Is So Slow And It's Not My Fault

Today I was contacted by a Metro Detroit Title company looking for notary signing agents to handle in-house closings a few days a month.  I've done several mobile closings for them in the past.  Good company, fair pay, pays in less than 30 days.  Great, where do I sign up?  But before I can start, they want to meet me in person, ask some questions, and get to know me a bit more.  You'd think the easy response to that would be "absolutely!"

But I'm reminded of a story another notary signing agent told me a few days ago.  Another Michigan title company was also looking to add some notary signing agents to their roster.  They also had the idea that they wanted to meet and interview these closers beforehand.  According to the title company, 40 interviews were set up.  How many signing agents showed up?  14.  And I just can't help but wonder, are many of these 27 no shows the same people that are constantly complaining about how slow business is right now?  Here's some business.  Someone is trying to hand it to you.  Just show up, be professional, show them you know what you're doing, and you're in.  How easy is that?  Why would you not get out from behind your computer and get some quality face time with a company that wants to work with you?

Marketing your notary services (or any service) isn't just about listing yourself online, sending emails, and filling out sign up packages.  Face to face contact is critical.  There's nothing more powerful than showing a potential client that you're, you know, a real actual homo sapien.  Let them see what you can offer with their own eyes.

As you can probably guess, my response to the title company that wants to meet me was absolutely yes.  Why wouldn't it be? 

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