Monday, January 24, 2011

How To Get A Mortgage In 2011

From 10 tips to snag a mortgage in 2011

1. Have the right credit score (740 or higher gets you the best deal)
2. Protect & preserve your credit (multiple credit inquiries within a few weeks of each other will only count as one inquiry)
3. Shop around (compare rate, fees, points, terms)
4. Know your borrowing limit (payments of no more than 28 - 30% of your gross monthly income)
5. Don't reset your refi calendar to 30 years (amortize the new loan for the remaining period of the old loan)
6. Consider a no closing cost refi (but understand you may end up with a slightly higher rate)
7. Small down payment? See the feds(FHA loans require less down)
8. Small loan? Act Early (the rules are changing April 1st and loan officers might not want to spend time on a smaller loan)
9. Make an extra payment any time of year (pay your loan off early)
10. Behind on your payment? See a counselor (you're more likely to keep your home and qualify for a loan mod if you receive certified foreclosure counseling) 

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