Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So Much For A Thorough Review

Bank of America plans to resume foreclosures in 23 states after determining that "the basis for our foreclosure decisions is accurate."  Well there's a shocking revelation.  B of A's own review says they did nothing wrong.  Wow, who would have predicted THAT?

Update 10/20/2010: The FBI says "not so fast."  The FBI launches an investigation into the robo-signings.  At question is whether or not lenders were acting with criminal intent or merely overwhelmed by the number of foreclosures they've had to handle.  In addition, attorneys general, state judges, lawyers, and lawmakers have all jumped into the fray.  If Bank of America thought that a quick review and announcement that everything's peachy was going to be the end of it, they were grossly mistaken.  

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