Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Signing Agent Requirements - Notarizing In Front Of The Signer & The 4506 Form

Several title companies and lenders sent out emails this week about two new requirements for their closings.  The first requirement is something you should already be doing.  Lenders and title companies are now requiring that all documents be notarized in the presence of the signers. Many states already require this, but even in states where it is not required, it is certainly a sound practice to follow.  There's an added level of integrity and validity in notarizing every document in front of the signer.

In addition, lenders will now require that the dates on the 4506 form be handwritten instead of typed in as some lenders currently do.  You will see those pre-printed dates eventually removed so you'll have to make sure the borrowers are dating it themselves.

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