Thursday, September 30, 2010

Marketing Your Notary Services

Shauna Nelson is a notary public, mobile notary, & mortgage loan signing agent in the Western Washington state area.  Shauna wrote a wonderful post on Notary Rotary earlier today about marketing our services that I think is well worth sharing.  So many times, new notary signing agents get their commission but have no idea where to go from there.  But Shauna already has it figured out.  With her permission, here is her post:

I see a lot of new notaries (and trust me, I'm one!) who ask a lot of questions about getting known. Keep in mind that most of the work HAS to be done by you. If you're doing the footwork then any rewards that come your way are earned and more appreciated. Even before #1, get trained. Nobody will do it for you. You have to put in hard hours learning your business.

1) Get business cards

2) Give business cards to everyone you know, everywhere you go. If I get a manicure, the owner gets my card and I ask if I can put a card holder up by the register. Never been turned down.

3) Fliers/rack cards/postcards. Get 'em, give 'em out. Door to door, business to business.

4) Get yourself on Google maps. Google will give you guidelines and if you research you'll find out how to get on the first page (especially in your zip).

5) Get a website, make it look good. Monitor traffic and where it comes from. That'll give you good ideas on what to use as keywords and where most of your visits are coming from (in fact, I had so many visits from one certain website, that I called them up and offered my services at a discounted rate. Paid off, big time).

6) Sign up with title companies and signing services. I've kept a notebook of who I signed up with, if I've had a response and when I've done a signing with them. Signing Central can be your best friend. I've only signed up with companies with a 4 star or higher because I want PAYING jobs.

7) Read this board daily. You'll find out about companies you haven't signed up with, problems you didn't even think about and the best tips anywhere.

8) Memberships with websites like NotRot. The price on some isn't worth it and on some it's invaluable. One signing can pay for an entire year, here.

9) Be organized. I keep a map with my prices in each city I routinely get calls for and a datebook with me at all times. No signing service wants to listen to you fumble around for your available dates, cities you visit, price, etc.

10) Remember that this is a business. It's up to you to grow it and if you're timid about telling people about yourself and what you do, it'll be hard. You never know what friend may be in financial difficulty and need someone to notarize their sigs on a loan mod. Not only is it good for you but it's good for them - they have someone they trust sitting next to them.

11) Sign up on any website that'll bring you business. Think about all the areas you specialize in and start signing up. I felt like a dolt, but just yesterday I discovered Kudzu and signed up.

Not everything can be accomplished in one week or even one month, but keep at it and you'll find business picking up. I'm nowhere near as busy as I'd like to be, but I'm busy and for someone relatively new, I'll take it.

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