Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Versatility Of A Notary Seal

Last night after a very late closing, I attempted to enter my house using the keypad on my attached garage. My code would not work. I tried 30 times with no success. Now normally this wouldn't be a problem. My car has a button that opens my garage door and my key chain has a key to my front door. Except my car is in the shop for repairs so no button and no key with me! Drats! Call to my best friend at 11 p.m., "did I give you a spare key to my house?" "No." Drive 20 minutes to my parent's house, no key either. Back to my house, try the pad 10 more times, no luck. My solution? I grabbed my notary seal from my bag and decided I was going to smash my garage window with it. Hey, it has a handle, it's metal, it would do the trick. As I fired myself up for the break in, I decided to try the keypad one last desperate time. To my complete shock, my garage door decided to open. Once inside, I was able to reset my code. Whew. Glad it didn't come to that, but good to know that there are other possible uses for a notary seal.

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Unknown said...

Here's another tip from the book of "Lessons Learned the Hard Way" - keep a fresh 9-volt in your bag.

We came home from a vacation once, couldn't get the entry-pad to work and FINALLY the notion of a dead battery occurred to us. The Metro Car guy gets a shout-out on this - he went to the store and got us a battery! =)