Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blogging With A Purpose

What kind of business blog keeps you coming back? One that focuses on relevant industry topics or one that promotes the writer or their business? Personally, I try to make my blog about posting on topics and providing content that others in the industry might find useful. I've always felt that some business blogs (and a few mortgage industry and signing agent blogs) miss the mark by focusing too much on self-promotion.

On Monday I posted a link to an eBook at HubSpot that provided some great tips on how to market a business online. The eBook includes tips on how to write a business blog. I thought this was noteworthy for those who write online:

"When thinking about blogging, take off your hat as a business owner and instead try to think like a magazine publisher. The goal of your business blog should be to publish articles that are not promotional but instead share industry expertise, much in the way a column or an article in an industry magazine would."

"Most business blogs start with a purpose. What are you trying to educate your industry and potential customers about? This education is not about your product, but instead about common industry issues..."

Blogging should focus on the reader, not the writer.


Brenda Stone said...

You are starting to make me feel a bit uncomfortable, Alex. Quite a bit like I did as a teenager sitting in church on a hot summer day. A church without air conditioning...the heat made worse by the fire and brimstone coming from the pulpit. "Oh crap...he's talking to ME. He knows what I did last night!"

You are absolutely right. A business blog should be about the reader, not about the writer.

That's what makes your blog worth reading--industry tips in a pithy delivery.

Alex Y. said...

Let your guilt go Brenda. You are the model of how to write without the kind of blatant self-promotion we've both seen before.