Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things Must Be Tough For Some Notary Listing Sites

Notary signing agents have seen a blitz of emails recently from various notary listing sites. They tout themselves as being the best, or being different than other sites. Their marketing campaign consists of sending the same email over and over again, week after week, month after month (a special shout out to The Notary Phone Book, who sometimes email me several times a week, week after week, and completely ignore any requests to remove me from their email list). For a fee of $xx, you can list your services with them, where you'll proceed to get loads of business from title companies and signing services. Yeah, right.

Before investing your marketing dollars on these sites, do some research. Ask other notaries, read the forums, find out which sites really produce a return on your investment. Use Google to check common search terms and see if these sites come up on the first page or two. Check their Google rankings and Alexa rankings. Many of these sites make impressive claims, but offer no real value. Their sites are cheesy, produce little or no traffic (other than the curious peeks they get when they send out their spam emails), and are rarely, if ever, used by title companies or signing services.

The tried and true listing sites still produce the best results. For my money, Notary Rotary, 123 Notary, Go Get Notary, and (dare I say) the NNA's Signing Agent site have always given me the best return.


Alex Y. said...

I've also been told that Notary Cafe is worth the money. Apparently, several companies use their database. I just signed up. Only about $55 for a three year membership.

Brenda Stone said...

The advise in this article is invaluable, Alex.

Brenda Stone said...

I said, "The *advise* in this article is invaluable, Alex." Sorry! I meant that the "advice" is invaluable.

Alex Y. said...

Therz know speling poleece here, Brenda.