Friday, September 4, 2009

Sending Out A Huge Thank You

I don't often if ever use this blog for self-promotion, but it's my blog and I will if I wanna! This past week, I received a couple of very nice acknowledgments from GoGetNotary and the American Association of Notaries. Sharon Hassler, owner of GoGetNotary, has named me to her National Advisory Council. I am truly grateful for the honor. In addition, she has also added my profile as an example of how to create an effective listing. Also this past week, Brenda Stone wrote a very informative article for the American Association of Notaries entitled "Eight Lessons for Success" (you might need to sign up for their free newsletter to access the article). Brenda discussed the importance of a website for marketing our business, and used my website as an example of a website "which some might view as the best possible site a notary could have." Shucks. She also discussed promoting a professional image and used my ugly mug as an example of a professional profile photo. I can only guess that Brenda needs to update the prescription on her glasses, but I'll take the compliment anyway.

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