Sunday, June 7, 2009

Expert Tips For Becoming A Successful Notary Signing Agent

Texas signing agent Brenda Stone has been a leader and mentor in this industry for many years. Much of my marketing has been based on her example. This includes developing a visible web presence and networking with other experienced signing agents. I've talked about the wonderful reverse mortgage e-book that Brenda developed; I believe it's a must read if you're getting started with reverse mortgages. Well, Brenda has now begun sharing her knowledge as a writer for The American Association of Notaries. In addition to a print publication that you can purchase for $19 a year, the AAN provides a FREE monthly e-newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter here. This month's articles by Brenda (which can be accessed after signing up) include great tips for obtaining notary and document experience. If you're just starting out or still feeling some apprehension about loan signings, I encourage you to sign up.


Kimmy B. said...

Thanks so much for this info. I'm taking the certification course in July so that I can become commissioned.

Alex Y. said...

You're welcome, but Brenda really deserves the thanks.