Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Value Of A Thank You

Just loved this post from Tina Biggers
(re-posted with permission):

The value of a thank you card has more power than most will fully understand. People tend to keep them for the visual reminder of how you made them feel. It's not so much what you say, but the feelings that you invoke when they read it. In general, our society seems to be quickly moving away from the handwritten word.

Most people enjoy receiving the handwritten card, but few actually do it themselves for other people. Every time you make a personal connection, you are networking. When someone goes the extra mile for you, send him a card. But when you send that thank you card remember to never, ever include your business card! The thank you card should be all about your gratitude, and never about pushing your business on someone who has not asked for it. The minute you include your business card, it becomes all about YOU and not the other person.

When loan signings started to drop off, I started another business that helps people to target market. Become an Appreciation Specialist and watch your businesses grow.


Anonymous said...

Great post.

We're nationally famous for sending EVERY signer a handwritten thank you card after each signing, then the same goes for EVERY client that hired us along with a box of chocolates we send them called, "The Chocolate Promise."

Then we send handwritten birthdays cards to EVERY signer when there birthday comes up. It's why for the sixth straight month, we've broken our best sales month ever in a row. We did five loan signings today, have scheduled five tomorrow and probably get up to 6 or 7 in one day in February no less!

All in the slowest real estate time of year the last 6 months, in the worst real estate market in 25 years.

Deeply caring about your customers and clients, is what will make any company great in any economic times.

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Alex Y. said...

That's definitely an extraordinary touch. However, if you're sending birthday cards to signers, that means you're getting their name, address, & birthday information off of their loan applications, right? For me personally, I wouldn't be comfortable with collecting and keeping information from their application.