Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rising From The Ashes

Ypsilanti, MichiganOne of my closings this week involved a group of four people who have joined together to purchase foreclosed homes in an older neighborhood of Ypsilanti, Michigan (built in the 1960s). I've closed for them in the past. The criteria and formula they've devised works well in this particular area. So far they've purchased and renovated approximately 20 homes. While working in such a narrow area, they've effectively resurrected a previously run down neighborhood. You can see their work up and down the street. Turning abandon run down homes into desirable living areas has not only raised the value of other houses in the neighborhood, but it has caused a swelling of pride by other homeowners. In addition to being more involved in the beautification of their own homes, residence have for the first time begun forming a neighborhood association in an attempt to further their progress. A positive story in the midst of so many struggles.

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