Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mother Nature's Temper Tantrum

Plymouth, MichiganHines Park, Plymouth, MichiganNovi, MichiganPlymouth, MichiganWhat a winter it's already been. The recent images of snow in Las Vegas and South Texas seemed surreal, but here in Michigan we've learned to expect challenging winter conditions. Yet even Michiganders have been caught off guard by what seems to be the worst winter we've had in decades. Almost a daily parade of snow, sleet, ice, wind, hail, and anything else Mother Nature can spew has made Michigan driving conditions a nightmare. Oh what fun to be a signing agent covering four large counties. I've been involved in a fender bender, been towed out of a driveway, hit potholes the size of moon craters, and performed more 360s than Dorothy Hamill. Last night the temperature was a not so balmy minus 14 degrees (no, that doesn't include the wind chill factor). The weather has made for some treacherous driving, but has also provided some beautiful scenes (see photos). So for all of you braving the frozen tundra to do your job and service your clients, stay warm and be safe.

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