Thursday, August 14, 2008

Michigan Notary Network - Website

Michigan Notary Network (MNN) Logo The website is up for the Michigan Notary Network (along with the new logo). Membership requirements and an in-depth description of the professional standards we're trying to set are listed on the qualifications page. I's a high bar. But in an industry that needs to regain its footing, anything less is inadequate.

Also, I've added a list of other state networks on the blog sidebar and on the Michigan Notary Network site. Much of what we're trying to accomplish and the network goals that we strive to meet come from standards already set by these other state networks. We've looked to these state networks for input in setting our standards and we consider them partners. If you're a title company, escrow company, mortgage company, or signing service looking for the best notary signing agents (NSAs) in Florida, California, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin, and Virginia, look no further than members from these state networks. Like the MNN, these networks strive to be truly exceptional in the notary signing industry.

Next up - adding members! Renee and I have been in contact with several outstanding candidates across the state, and look forward to adding several members in the coming weeks.

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