Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In With The New - The New Michigan Notary Network

Michigan Notary Network After considerable evaluation and discussion, I've decided to sever my ties to the Michigan Mobile Loan Closers Network (MMLCN). Although I have valued my relationship with the MMLCN, it has become clear that the network direction is not aligned with my own business goals and what I see as a successful network model. To claim to be "the best of the best," I believe that a notary network must include specific and documented requirements for membership and participation, including verified experience and proficiency with loan signings, referrals, background checks, ethical guidelines, a code of conduct, and network marketing. As it currently stands, there are no such documented requirements for the MMLCN, and no indication of any plan to go in this direction.

So with that, Renee Kovacs and I have left the MMLCN and we've decided to start a new Michigan network, simply called The Michigan Notary Network (MNN). Over the next several weeks, we'll be working on setting up guidelines and requirements for the Michigan Notary Network, creating a web page here on the Detroit Notary site and updating the rest of the site, as well as creating a stand alone site at The goal is to draw from other successful network models, such as the Florida Network. We also feel that it's imperative to align with other state networks in Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, California, Ohio, and Virginia. We are moving forward with those relationships as well.

If you are a Michigan Notary and feel that you truly are "the best of the best," you can contact me at or Renee Kovacs at Also, stay tuned here as I'll be posting the requirements and updates as they are completed.

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Anonymous said...

We have many thanks owed to those on the 'inside' of the title and lending industries for all their conversations detailing WHAT, EXACTLY, IS THE DEFINITION OF "THE BEST"? Obviously, our clients are the ones whose definitions matter, far more than our own best guess.

It might seem to some to be a bit of a 'radical' approach (not EXACTLY a private joke there, eh?)- but in a field that is pretty much self-governing, we believe in and support at LEAST establishing some rigorous standards upon ourselves.

To our friends in title & lending that share our beliefs - we've been listening! =)