Monday, June 23, 2008

Forbes - Thanks But No Thanks

Blogs I was recently contacted by manager Sharon Gitelle to join the best of breed Forbes Business and Financial Blog Network. My first reaction was "Wow, Forbes wants me to join their blog network! Forbes!" What's the catch? Ah, the catch. Well, for one I have to plaster a 728 x 90 leaderboard ad on the top of my page, PLUS either a 160 x 600 or 300 x 250 ad along the side of my blog. Forbes will pay me 40% of all net revenues collected from click throughs from my site (that's 40% after they deduct unspecified agency fees, ad serving fees, and network support fees). If my blog generated, oh, say 30,000 or 40,000 visitors per month, it would be worth it to plaster my blog with ads. But I just don't believe that the few bucks I might make would be worth destroying the aesthetics of this blog. I've researched the results that others before me have obtained, and the reaction was universally disappointing. Besides, my intent was never to make this blog into a money making venture. It's done to support my signing agent business, and it's done because it's a passion and a pleasure. That's why I've resisted Google Adsense up until now as well. So thanks Forbes. I appreciate the offer and I'm flattered that you like my little corner of the blog world. But I'll pass for now.

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