Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Public Thank You

A couple of months ago, my friend and colleague Renee Kovacs decided to try a triple somersault down her stairs. The results of this spontaneous act were sadly predictable. After a couple of months of milking her injuries for all they're worth, Renee and her surgically repaired foot are ready to get back to work. During her extended vacation, Renee has been kind enough to refer many appointments to me. So I'd like to use this space to say thank you. I appreciate her trust and confidence in me, and I know that if the shoe (or cast) were on the other foot (so to speak), I would trust her with my clients. I hope I'll be able to return the favor someday soon (but I'll be on a cruise or backpacking Europe instead of hobbling around on crutches). So thank you Renee and good luck back in the field. I'd say "break a leg," but I'm afraid you'd take that literally.

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Anonymous said...

To put this in proper perspective for readers – Alex and I cover the SAME territories (meaning he tries to cover MY territory just because he lives near me!), and are each other’s biggest competitors. I can’t repeat often enough the value in true, benevolent networking with your colleagues – both across the nation, and across the street.

By ‘networking’, what I mean is to initiate, build & maintain relationships – and ideally, friendships – with those around you who are connected to your industry.

Rarely will you be as fortunate as I am, in having such an exceptional person & competitor to make nice with – but hey, I don’t have ALL the luck, I am the one who fell down the stairs, right?!

Were it not for Alex – AND his integrity – what would have happened to the client base I’d built for years? I was ‘out of commission’ for 9 weeks - plenty of time for them to find someone else & build new relationships. I’d probably be starting from scratch again. I not only knew my clients were in great hands, I know that Alex would never do anything less than benevolent towards me, my business or my clients.

I am so hugely grateful for all your help through this, Alex – and will never forget that you made a point & took the time to cart my *self* out for coffee now and again for a change in scenery. That sure meant a lot to me, and I consider you to be one of my life’s blessings.

For the past 9 weeks, Alex could legitimately say he was The Best Mobile Closer around here on two legs…

Alex - it's time, buddy. Give me back my shirt. Now, sir. I am here to reclaim my standing (intended pun)as "World's Best Notary"!