Monday, April 28, 2008

If You Build It, They Will Come

If only it were that easy. But anyone with a website or blog knows that's not the case. There's a lot of hard work involved in drawing traffic to your site (I'll save that conversation for another time). But once you've done that, you've got to make it as simple as possible for someone who likes your site to come back. It's important to make it easy to bookmark your page or add it to their favorite RSS reader (an RSS feed allows someone to keep up with their favorite sites as they are updated by downloading content to a reader). On my sidebar, I've got two buttons that allow someone to quickly add my blog to their favorites or to many different readers. The buttons were created on the AddThis website. You pick the button style that you like and AddThis generates the HTML code. Then it's as simple as copying and pasting the code into your blog or site.

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