Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Know What You Did Last Summer

You are not anonymous on the Internet. You'd think we'd know that by now. Apparently not. I've seen three instances on Notary Rotary over the last month, two where people posted deliberately disruptive posts thinking they were anonymous, one where someone else sent a proxy to do their bidding. In all three cases, their identity ended up being exposed and their business reputation probably took a serious hit. Pretty foolish. This seems obvious to most, but apparently some people still don't get it. Everything we do on the Internet is tracked. I.P addresses can be looked up, Google can find anything you've ever posted, your e-mail address, your home address, your phone number, and more. Remember that time you posted about your love for the Backstreet Boys? It's out there to be found. So think first. If you're posting something that you don't want attached to your name, just don't do it, even with an alias. Especially if you think it's going to tick someone off. They'll search every corner of the Internet to expose your identity. And if you're posting on a business site, it's not just embarrassment that you face, but a blow to your business as well.

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