Saturday, January 12, 2008

Blogger In Draft - Try Some Cool Features Before Your Blogger Buddies

Blogger in Draft allows bloggers to try out new Blogger features before they're available on regular Blogger. You can add a You Tube video bar which allows you to pick videos to display on your sidebar based on any topic or keyword you choose. The newsreel feature allows the same kind of customization. And for those of you who know about widgets and gadgets, Blogger in Draft allows you to add any of the thousands of available Google widgets to your Blogger sidebar. I've chosen two other new features:

The Google search bar I added allows you to search any term on this blog as well as any term on any of the other blogs I link to on my blogosphere sidebar. So if you're searching for an article but you're not sure if you read it here or on one of the other blogs, you can easily find it. The Google search bar can also be set to search an entire site or the entire web.

And if you use a reader to keep up with your favorite blogs whenever a new post is added, I've added a feature that allows you to add this blog to any one of five different readers, Google, Bloglines, Atom Feed, Netvibe, Newsgator, & MyYahoo.

Since these features are beta versions currently being tested, understand that Blogger in Draft features can be changed or pulled at any time.

Note: I've decided to delete the reader feature from Blogger and replace it with something else. The reader feature was making the site load too slowly. I found a fantastic alternative. What is it? I'll let you know in my next post. Be patient my dears.

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