Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lions & Tigers & Spiders?

I love pets. Some signing agents hate being disturbed by pets at an appointment, but I think they add life to a home. I love hearing the sound of a dog bark when I ring the doorbell. Oh boy, a friend to play with! I keep hand sanitizer and a hair roller in my car, so I don't mind the mess. During signings I've had dogs on my lap, cats on the table sitting on the loan docs, and birds on my shoulder. But yesterday was a first. One of my borrower's had a lizard and a tarantula. And both came out to play (one at a time, since the tarantula would have made a meal out of the lizard). The lizard was amusing; he could leap all the way up my arm in one or two hops. And he changed colors as he got warmer. But the tarantula, that was really a unique experience. It's hard to describe the feeling of this thing creeping around my hand and up my arm. And who knew tarantulas were affectionate? He found a warm spot on my hand and curled up in my palm like he was going to take a nap.

Sometimes one workday can just blend into the next. But yesterday was one of those days I'll remember.

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