Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thank You For Your Patronage

Do you say thank you to the people that send you business? With respect to those that think it's inappropriate, I believe that a small token of gratitude for past work (without absolutely any comment or insinuation of any future work) is proper and makes good business sense. Gift cards, as well as handmade or personal items are usually well received. Expensive gifts are improper, tacky, and can easily come off looking like a bribe for future work (can you say "illegal"). I make certain not to ever say anything about the future like "looking forward to working with you in the coming year," or "think of me if you need someone in my area," etc. Also, be aware that many companies have a strict policy about accepting gifts. Make absolutely certain there's no such policy or you'll likely send your favorite scheduler to the unemployment line (and that won't be good for either one of you).


juk'ste-pozer said...

I do believe in the intrinsic value of the hand-written Thank You card, which I keep handy on my desk and I use. Years ago I began my own personal campaign to try and never keep a complimentary thought a secret.

Judging from the protocols of just about every business entity I ever worked inside of, tangible gifts generally are 'pooled' and individuals are seldom permitted sole benefit - but items as you suggest (gift cards such as Starbuck's) were always appreciated and resulted in an immediate run for Caramel Latte's all around!

LaShon James-Major said...

I think thank you's are very important. It makes you sand out and be memorable.

I've recently been using, which makes sending thank you's a lot easier.

Alex Y. said...

Thanks for the tip, LaShon. I checked out the site and I'm going to sign up for