Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Choosing a Color Scheme For Your Website

If you've designed your own website or used a template that allows you to pick your website colors, trying to find colors that blend well can be time consuming and frustrating. Using a color wheel that finds matching and contrasting colors can make picking a color scheme enjoyable and simple. As a former small business website designer, I relied heavily on these two websites: Color Scheme and the new and improved Color Scheme Generator 2. Both allow you to pick a color and find other colors that match it based on contrast, soft contrast, pastels, and more. You can choose web safe colors only, and Color Scheme Generator 2 allows you to enter a hexadecimal color code (RGB) and find matches. After creating the scheme you like, CSG2 also lets you save the url for later.

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Brenda Stone said...

Great tool, Alex. Thanks.